Pattana Sport

Leading sports development in Thailand and our local Chonburi community, with Pattana Football Club and Pattana Triathlon events.

Pattana Sports

The Pattana Football Club (PFC) was founded in 2014 to promote football as an activity to enhance the health and well-being of the children in the community, and to support junior players to be able to advance their skills and take path as a professional player in the future. We opened the opportunity to students in the surrounding areas and formed the team of 25 junior players aged 13-14 in 2014, and we increased the number of players to 40 players with age ranging from 14-16 in 2015. The children get full support while being a player of the Club including accommodation, food, school and tuition, and training.

PFC also aims to develop a professional football academy as a role model for Thailand in sports training and football academy management.
We pride ourselves in our engagement with the local and wider community and the safe and friendly environment with professional facilities in which children develop both social and sporting skills.


Pattana Triathlon 2017